25. ledna 2009 v 15:35 | Team Taylor
  • I'm Jacob Black. You bought my dad's truck.
  • I don't think a tank could take out that old monster.
  • You wouldn't happen to know where I could get my hands on a master cylinder for a 1986 Volkswagen Rabbit?
  • Do you like scary stories?
  • Another legend claims that we descended from wolves - and that the wolves are our brothers still.
  • There are stories of the cold ones as old as the wolf legends, and some much more recent. According to legend, my own great-grandfather knew some of them. He was the one who made the treaty that kept them off our land.
  • You see, the cold ones are the natural enemies of the wolf-well, not the wolf, really, but the wolves that turn into men, like our ancestors. You would call them werewolves.
  • There's always a risk for humans to be around the cold ones, even if they're civilized like this clan was. You never know when they might get too hungry to resist.
  • You have goose bumps.
  • I guess I just violated the treaty.
  • So do you think we're a bunch of superstitious natives or what?
  • Can you believe my dad paid me twenty bucks to come to your prom?
  • He said to tell you, no, to warn you, that - and this is his plural, not mine, 'We'll be watching.'
  • So, should I tell him you said to butt the hell out?

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